5 Nutrition-Filled Egg Dishes Montenegrin Egg-Lovers Can Try This World Egg Day

Egg is among the most commonly consumed food items in the world. The versatility, nutrition profile, and variety of eggs justify the international recognition of this widespread food. World Egg Day is celebrated on the second Friday of October every year. This year, it will be celebrated on the 14th of October with multiple events, activities, and gatherings across the country.

World Egg Day is a day to celebrate the adaptability and rich nutritional value of this food option. No matter what you make with an egg, it integrates itself perfectly into the recipe. It’s a great topping for Korean rice, a perfect base for a sandwich, and a great companion to a traditional recipe.

As International Egg Day 2022 approaches, we’ve put together some ways for egg lovers in Montenegro to celebrate this day. Read ahead to find some nutritive and yummy egg options every egg lover must try on this special food day.

History & Origin Of World Egg Day:

Today, various countries across the world, including Montenegro, celebrate International Egg Day by hosting events and engaging in activities. Promotional and educational occasions are also carried out by various organizations to create awareness of this special food day.

World Egg Day doesn’t merely recognize the existence and importance of chicken eggs, but it also represents the nutritional benefits of duck, goose, turkey, ostrich, and fish eggs. Any animal that lays edible eggs is the highlight of this day’s celebrations.

From Easter eggs to decorative eggs, this food item highlights its significance not only as a culinary ingredient, but also in various cultural and religious aspects as well. Due to such widespread use in the kitchen, decorative trinkets, and religious practices, World Egg Day was established by the International Egg Commission. The history of World Egg Day dates back to 1996, when IEC announced the official celebration of this event. Since then, the celebrations evolved and expanded, spreading their roots all across the world.

Celebrate Egg Day With These Filling Egg Dishes From Arabian Tea House

An egg lover would know the joy of devouring a nicely cooked egg dish. If you are one of them, there is no better time to head over to your favorite restaurant and try out your most-treasured egg dishes than on World Egg Day.

Celebrate this day in full spirits by devouring some delicious egg recipes. Arabian Tea House has a range of egg options for you. Have a look at the list below to see what these nutrient-rich, protein-packed recipes have in store for you.

1. Sunny Side Up:

Sunny Side Up eggs is super easy to prepare. This affordable breakfast option is often referred to as the nutrient powerhouse, with 6.7 grams of protein and 7.9 grams of fat. The calories in a large-sized egg do not exceed 71 cal, which is perfect for someone who is working out or keeping a close check on their daily calorie intake.

Sunny Side Up

At Arabian Tea House, sunny-side-up eggs are served with a side of cheese, vegetables, and bread. This makes for a well-balanced, protein-packed, and low-carb breakfast item that is delicious and filling at the same time. A sunny-side-up egg’s nutritional value fulfills 5% of the total calorie requirement in a 2000-calorie diet of an adult.

2. White Cheese Omelette:

Omelet is the favorite of most egg lovers. This quick and easy egg recipe involves whipping the egg yolk and whites together to make a frothy paste. Some people like to have their omelet plain with just some salt and pepper, others prefer to add tomatoes, cheese, and vegetables to it.


An omelet packs about 160 calories, containing about 14 grams of proteins and 18.4 grams of fat. The total carbohydrates account for 2% of the entire meal. We serve our omelet with block white cheese, bread, and a side of fresh vegetables to make it a meal full of energy and nutrition for you.

3. Emirati Kids Breakfast Tray

A highly nourishing breakfast is important for toddlers and young ones, as they are in their growing age. If you’re celebrating World Egg Day with your family, opt for scrambled eggs with yogurt and bread for your kid’s meal. The fries are an additional element in our recipe that is a favorite of every kid. The creative serving in the shape of a bunny is sure to convince picky kids into having this nutrient-rich breakfast.

Scrambled eggs contain more than 16 grams of protein, which is an important element in a kid’s daily nutritional requirements.

4. Tomato Stewed Scrambled Eggs (Mr. Ali’s Breakfast Tray)

Scrambled eggs are whipped, beaten, or stirred well until they turn into a foamy consistency. The addition of butter, oil, and salt in the pan works to enhance the flavorful aspect of this egg food.

When eggs are combined with meat, it’s a protein overload for sure! This dish is specifically designed for those who love to devour meat dishes. We’ve incorporated minced meat into our breakfast eggs to bring them the most unique, yet appetizing taste. The nutritional aspect of the dish is further improved when served with cheese, olives, bread, jam, and fresh vegetables on the side.

Visit Arabian Tea House To Celebrate World Egg Day 2022

Ready to celebrate this World Egg Day with the best egg food dishes? Head over to Arabian Tea House for a delectable breakfast experience. Bring your family or friends with you to try traditional and standard breakfast items from our menu. We use organic eggs and spices in our recipe to bring you nutrition and authentic taste simultaneously.

Establish the importance of eggs, their farming, production, and cooking with a delicious egg dish on your table. Browse our menu here, and find your favorite egg dishes to try this World Egg Day.