International Chef’s Day: A Day To Regard Our Food Artists

Restaurants are seen filled with people frequently. People go to their favorite eateries every day to have a taste of their most cherished meals, cuisines, and dishes. However, they never give much thought to who prepares the food on their table.


The chef that works behind the scene deserves to be appreciated, and International Chef Day is the perfect opportunity to do that. Every year, the celebration of international chef day commences on October, 20th, in which chefs all over the world are celebrated, appreciated, and regarded for their efforts and dedication to cooking. This means that it’s the right time to praise your meal and leave behind a review for the chef at your favorite restaurant, learn a new recipe, or take part in a cooking competition.

History Of International Chef Day

The head of the World Chefs network, Bill Gallagher first introduced the concept of World Chef Day in 2004. The esteemed group is formed by the union of more than 100 chef associations around the world and strives to create more awareness among people about cuisines and healthy eating.


World Chefs and its associates develop themes every year to expand and introduce their mission and objectives. It started as an idea coined by the Swiss Cook Federation about having an international chef association and later became the source for the introduction of International Chef Day.


The date for the international chef day annual celebration was chosen to be October, 20th. Initially, the day was reserved to introduce healthy eating habits among young children and to honor the profession of chefs. With time, people have found their own distinct ways to celebrate this event. Broadcasters show competitions, institute host classes and restaurants introduce special menus. Every year, a different theme is followed to highlight the spirit of different sectors and culinary concepts. Here is a list of the past themes for reference:


  • 2021: Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet
  • 2020: Healthy Food for the Future
  • 2019: How Healthy Food Works
  • 2018: Healthy Foods for Growing UP
  • 2017: Foods for Healthy Heroes
  • 2016: Art on a Plate


International chefs day 2022 theme is established to be held under the poster “Growing A Healthy Future.” This year, the Worldchefs will carry out a workshop teaching younger kids how to build healthy eating habits. They are expected to develop creative recipes under the supervision and guidance of a chef instructor. 

A Day To Celebrate Different Types Of Chefs:

A headcount of the total number of chefs, head cooks, and servers in the United States only gives us a figure of 942,000 people. That is a whole community of people offering us delicious and quality-centric meals to eat regularly. They analyze the recipe, develop new flavors, carry out kitchen tasks, lead a team of cooks, and serve good food to their customers every day.


However, each chef has a different rank, and thus a different level of responsibility and work. Here is a list of the types of chefs that work in a restaurant:


  1. Executive Chef – the professional who’s a manager of multiple outlets, assesses activities across various kitchens without doing much cooking themself
  2. Head Chef – directs all the staff in a particular kitchen
  3. Sous Chef – the deputy chef of a kitchen, the one who holds the commanding authority after the head chef
  4. Chef de Partie – handles a specific section of the kitchen or pantry
  5. Commis Chef – the cook who works under Chef de Partie
  6. Kitchen Porter – helps with basic culinary tasks, such as peeling and cutting


All of these individuals play a crucial role in streamlining and managing the operations of a restaurant kitchen. Some chefs specialize in a specific type of cooking and earn recognition based on that, such as pastry chef, butcher chef, or grill chef.


No matter the nature of cooking, a chef’s job is a noble profession and should be respected as such. They bring us out favorite food, and it is our responsibility to show them gratitude for it.

Inspirational Famous Chef Quotes By Chefs

On this day that is meant to appreciate the work of all chefs across the world, it is worth learning some international chef day quotes. Earn some motivation from successful chefs that inspire people to move forward in their cooking journeys.


  • ‘The ambition of every good cook must be to make something very good with the fewest possible ingredients.’
  • Urbain Dubois. (French)
  • ‘If you’re a happy person around food, you can be a professional chef. It’s fueled by passion.’
  • Ranveer Brar (Indian Celebrity Chef)
  • ‘Anyone who’s a chef, who loves food, ultimately knows that all that matters is: ‘Is it good? Does it give pleasure?’
  • Anthony Bordain (American Celebrity Chef)
  • ‘Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.’
  • Wolfgang Puck (Austrian American)

Why This Day Is Celebrated?

On October 20th of every year, various international chef day activities, concepts, and sales are introduced. It’s the day to celebrate your passion for cooking and regard those who cook to earn.


Read ahead to learn why the world celebrates this day.

1.    To Regard Chef’s

Chefs bring us creative and flavorful meals. They work every day to feed people looking for a pleasant-tasting meal.


From students to employees, everyone appreciates a well-cooked meal, and that is why it’s so important to celebrate International Chef Day. It gives us an opportunity to pay our respect to the people to make food for us with great care and dedication. Besides, what is life without yummy food?

2.    To Bring Out The Chef In Us

International Chef Day presents an opportunity for us to allow the chef in us to kick in. Polish your culinary skills by joining a cooking class, or pick up a pan and start your own new recipe to satisfy your inner chef.

3.    To Encourage Healthy Cooking

The prime objective of the establishment of International Chef Day revolved around the concept of healthy eating. It’s a day when Worldchefs organize various activities to encourage a healthy diet among children and adults.

How To Celebrate International Chef’s Day

This year, the World Association of Chefs’ Societies is carrying out workshops, streaming sessions, and videos to demonstrate the methods of cooking to children, encouraging the theme of “Growing A Healthy Future.” There are ways you too, can celebrate World Chef Day 2022. Here’s how:

Cook something healthy

You don’t have to be a chef to cook something healthy and yummy. Put together a recipe that aligns with this year’s theme “ Growing A Healthy Future.” Enjoy it yourself or share a nutritious meal with friends to appreciate the true essence of this day.

Watch cooking videos

Show some love to chefs who give us free cooking guides via videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Engage on their content, and learn a few healthy food recipes through their cooking channel.

Visit a new restaurant to enjoy a new chef’s work

Think of this day as an opportunity to try a restaurant you haven’t been to before. Try a particular cuisine, or just order your favorite dish from a new place. Celebrate this day by enjoying the authentic taste of a foreign dish, or have a taste of a new chef’s work. Don’t forget to leave behind some appreciation words for the chef to make their day.


Watch a cooking show


International Chef Day features various cooking shows, competitions, and activities. Turn on the Tv and watch a fun cooking show on Food Network or any other local cooking channel.

Take Part In A Cooking Competition

Do not hesitate to sign up for a cooking competition even if you are not an expert cook. It will be a fun activity and a great learning experience for you. You can also invite over friends and family to host your own cooking competition at home.

Fun Chef Facts Everyone Should Know About

International Chef Day is incomplete without learning a fun chef fact. Here is a collection of interesting concepts about cooking and chefs you probably did not know of:

The Secret Behind A Chef’s Hat:

There’s a hidden secret behind the folds of every chef’s hat. The number of folds defines the number of ways that a chef can make an egg.

The First Pizza Delivery Was Received By Italy’s Royal Family

The first ever pizza delivery was made in 1998, and that too, to the Royal family. The King and Queen of Italy received history’s first pizza delivery from the most popular pizza chef of that time.

Just Like Medicine, there Are Specialists Among Chefs Too

Yes, chefs specialize in specific types of cooking as well, and are called by their specialist names, for example:


  • Poissonior for a chef who prepares fish, fish soup and fish-stock
  • Gillard for the chef who is an expert in the grilling of meat and vegetable
  • Garde Manger for a professional chef who prepares cold meals
  • Patissier for a baker who makes pastries and other baked products
  • Entremetier for specialized preparation of vegetables, etc.

Every Chef Have A Favorite Knife

Every knife has a different purpose, but every chef has one knife they do not like to share. Chefs often keep a separate set of knives that are meant to be used by them only. It is known that a chef’s favorite knife makes their cutting, chopping, and peeling tasks a lot easier.

A Tire Company Awards The Michelin Star Title To Chefs

The popular title of Michelin Star, which is awarded to the best restaurants started out as an advertising campaign of a tire company, called Michelin Tires.

Thank You Messages for Chefs & Cooks

Send a thank you note to the chef of your favorite restaurant, eatery, or cafe on International Chef Day. Tell chefs Happy International Chef Day and leave them an appreciation note to make their day. Here is a list of ideas of thank-you notes:


  1. I am thankful to all the chefs for blessing us with immensely tasteful and pleasant food every day.
  2. Highly grateful to chef servings that are not merely a treat for the taste buds, but also a treat to the eyes.
  3. The work and passion a chef has for cooking are highly appreciated. We are grateful to have professionals in the world that have a deeper understanding of cuisine and flavors than anyone else.
  4. I would like to extend my thank you to chefs who work in the kitchen with dedication, cooking up palatable recipes to satisfy the tastebuds of their customers.
  5. I would like to appreciate all chef instructors for imparting their cooking and plating wisdom to the upcoming chefs-to-be’s.

The Right Time To Bring Out Your Passion For Cooking

International Chef Day is the perfect opportunity for you to stimulate your inner cook, and put together a new recipe. Anyone can create a delicious dish with a creative blend of ingredients, so don’t be afraid to try something new. To refine your cooking, learn some cooking tips from the expert chef at Arabian Tea House.