National Day Of UAE: A Day to Express Your Love For The Nation

The state-wide celebrations of the National Day in UAE will unfold on 2nd December 2022. The occasion is special to Emiratis, as they recall and celebrate the day when the UAE earned independence from the British Empire.

On the 51st year of UAE’s independence, the Organizing Committee has invited everyone to take part in nationwide celebrations to showcase their love for their homeland.

51st National Day Of UAE:

The National Day of UAE is celebrated every year on 2nd December, marking the day when the United Arab Emirates earned its recognition as an independent country. This year, the 51st National Day of UAE will commemorate the acquisition of this homeland.

In July 1971, the six Trucial States merged together to form a single unit, i.e., the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Ajman adopted a federal constitution to achieve independence. Five months later, on December 2nd, UAE emerged as an independent nation in the Arabian Peninsula.

Today, the National Day of UAE is celebrated with great dedication, passion, and joy throughout the country. This year, the 51st UAE National Day will witness a brotherhood like no other. After the union of six estates under one federal constitution, a seventh state, Ras Al Khaimah joined the group to form the United Arab Emirates. All the emirates were headed by none other than Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who became the first president of the federation.

UAE national day spirit of union is a standard theme followed each year to commemorate the celebrations of 2nd, December. The theme recalls the soul and visions of the late founder and president of the state, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. A logo compliments the theme, designed with a silhouette image of the iconic congregation of Founding Fathers of the UAE.

The Significance Of UAE National Day

UAE National Day is of great importance to its inhabitants. The diverse nation celebrates this day with great excitement and devotion. From adults to children, everyone takes part in the celebrations.

1.    A Day to Regard the History:

UAE national day is a legacy of the Emirati nation. It is the day to remember the historic events that lead to the formation of the state. The importance of UAE national day lies in the idea that it carries the gift of historic knowledge with it, reminding the upcoming nations of how their homeland was acquired.

As the newer generations remember the past, it instils the national spirit in them and gives them the motivation to strive to be better citizens. It also encourages them to work towards the prosperity of their nation.

2.    A Symbol of Peace:

The events that took place in the procurement of UAE are a symbol of peace for the entire world. It’s a model in which freedom was attained with zero violence and hate speech. It’s a reminder that progressive dialogue can achieve big things, as well as solve the most pressing political situations

3.    Preaching The Strength of Unity

The formation of the UAE preaches the importance of unity in all regards. Instead of divide and conquer rule, the founding fathers of the nation chose the path of dialogue and peace to obtain freedom. The celebration of UAE National Day is a way to ingrain the strength of unity in the nation.

What Celebratory Activities Take Place Across The Country:

Many nationwide activities are held on December 2nd that make up the official celebration of the National Day of the UAE. In addition to administrative affairs, various public and private organizations host events, activities, and parties to regard Independence Day.

Here is a list of the most commonly witnessed national day activities.

1.    Flag Decorations Everywhere:

Like any other country, UAE also follows the culture of flag decorations on National Day. You’ll see the national flag hoisted in homes, cars, government landmarks, offices, etc. Everywhere, the shades of red, green, white, and black are prevalent.

Many friends and families decorate their houses and get together to have good food and company on this national holiday.

2.    Local Festivities & Beach Carnivals:

Corniche in each Emirate witnesses numerous activities and events. With vibrant decorations, traditional carnivals add a breath of interest to the local celebrations.

The waterfronts are filled with floats bathed in the images and sculptures of the founder of the state, Sheikh Zayed. The beaches become an artist galore, where locals come to celebrate and make sand sculptures.

3.    Fireworks:

It’s a universal truth that no Independence Day celebration is complete without fireworks. In the Emirates, people come to the streets of the metropolis to watch the displays of fireworks.

4.    Celebration At Zayed Sports City Stadium:

Abu Dhabi remains at the heart of National Day celebrations in the UAE. With the biggest annual event of the year, Zayed Sports City Stadium observes a theatrical display. Brimming with the thrill of aerobic activities, inspirational speeches, and stirring performances, the magnificent show is no short of exciting.

5.    Restaurant Discounts & Decorations:

On UAE National Day, many restaurants give the locals an opportunity to enjoy good food at discounted rates. Dining within the local festivities and decorations, the true essence of National Day is sensed immensely.

Step Into the Festivities This UAE National Day:

With the immersive singing of national songs at the Global Village, to the performance of Ayala dancers at Dubai Mall, there are numerous things one can do to celebrate the UAE National Day Spirit of Union.

Aside from LED shows and dancing fountains, a classic national day celebration involves heading to a local restaurant and trying out the traditional taste of Emirati food. Arabian Tea House brings you the traditional experience on National Day to make your holiday more memorable.

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