How To Celebrate UAE Flag Day The Right Way

Flag Day is an opportunity for all the natives of the UAE to raise their flags and be proud of its existence. It’s a day to celebrate and encourage unity and integrity within the nation.

The “Flag Day” in UAE is also when the nation allegedly renews its dedication to the leadership while declaring its love for the nation. In addition to that, UAE flag day also signifies the portrayal of the Emirati icon, with flags hoisted high, displaying the love and dedication of the nation towards its flag and concept.

Origin Of Flag Day UAE

Flag day in the UAE is celebrated every year on November, 3rd across different cities of the Emirates. The concept of flag day was first brought to the table by Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid. He tossed forward the concept as a gesture that regards the accession of Sheikh Khalifa. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan held the throne of leadership in 2004, but the first official flag day wasn’t celebrated until 2013.

While flag day is not a public holiday, it holds a significant value in the hearts of the people of the country. The leadership every year commemorates this occasion with great dedication, urging the entire nation via social media and other platforms to prove their loyalty to the flag. Various civil organizations, ministries, and citizens hoist flags, showcasing to the world how much they respect and regard their flag and the meaning behind it.

Who Invented The Flag?

The Emirati flag is a major source of pride for the people of the Emirates and was designed as a result of a flag designing competition.

A young Emirati boy, Abdullah Muhammad Al Maainah incidentally read the newspaper featuring the advertisement for the competition, and he happily enrolled himself. Out of 1030 entries, 6 designs were shortlisted, among which Abdullah’s was one, which further mounted to the #1 chosen flag design.

So, in 1971, the same year as the declaration of the formation of UAE, a 19-year-old boy designed the flag of the UAE.

The Meaning Behind UAE’s Flag Design

Designed and adapted in 1971, the flag of UAE is the pride of every Emirati. It has various colors, each of which symbolizes a public or national sentiment. The colors also represent the Arab culture, with their pan-Arab hues and traditional concepts.

The meaning of the UAE flag color red is that of strength, sacrifice, and courage. Green symbolizes the ideas of hope, prosperity, and joy, encouraging people to maintain their optimism even in difficult situations. The strip of white in the center is a reminder of the charitable contributions of the nation, as well as their dedication to remaining honest for the sake of their nation. On the other hand, the color black represents mental strength, which is a factor that can make or break any nation.

The Right Way To Hoist The Flag

The regulations for raising and upkeep of UAE’s flag are a bit strict. There are some regulations declared by the Emirates Authority of Standardisation for the right way of hoisting and maintaining the national flag. It says that

  1. The flag should be rectangular in shape, with the height of the flag is double its width.
  2. The colors should always be in the correct order, with no wrong placements or irregular patterns.
  3. The owner of the flag is responsible to assess the condition of the flag every 45 days for any damage, tearing, or color fading
  4. An officially displayed flag must be changed every 6 months

These rules are specifically designed for government buildings, embassies, and other federal premises where the flag is hung at all times.

Hoisting the flag is one of the most widely practiced flag day activities, and it must be done the right way to avoid legal implications. For short-term use, the standards specify that the flag must be made of nylon, and have a weight exceeding 122.5 grams for each square meter.

The law states that the flag must be handled and raised with care, dignity, and pride at all times. In case of wrongful handling and abuse, a penal code with hefty fines and even imprisonment may apply.

Article 176 of the constitution claims that anyone who publicly insults the President, flag, or emblem of the State will be taken under custody. On the other hand, Article 3 in federal law No. 2, 1971 claims that whoever practices wrongful use of the flag will be charged with 6 months in prison, or might be asked to turn in a hefty fine.

How To Celebrate Flag Day:

Do you ever wonder why we celebrate UAE flag day? And what you can do in your personal capacity to show your love and commitment to the flag?

As a UAE national, you can also celebrate this day as a proud citizen. With little gestures and meaningful commitments, you can also show your love towards your country and its flag. Here are some ways to showcase your dedication to your national flag.


1.    Attend A Flag Raising Ceremony

On UAE flag day, various government buildings, institutes, and private firms host flag-raising ceremonies to celebrate the accession of the Sheikh Khalifa. The event is also celebrated as a way to re-establish the nation’s commitment to the betterment of the country.

You can attend one of these ceremonies to showcase your passion and loyalty to the country. Celebrate the meaning of peace, integrity, and strength with other citizens. Enliven your sentiments of unity by singing the national anthem along with the rest of the visitors.

2.    Hoist The Flag In Your Home:

If you believe you have it in you to follow all standardized regulations of the flag, there can’t be a better time to raise a flag on your own rooftop.

Show the world how much you love your country with a rectangular sheet of crimson, ebony, green, and pure white.  Flaunt away your pride with a beautiful display of the flag at your own abode.

3.    Have Lunch At A Restaurant Following The Flag Day Theme:

To enjoy the real essence of flag day, you can always head over to a restaurant observing flag day and have a meal in the middle of all the flag decorations. A lot of restaurants also offer discounts on this auspicious occasion, which will make it a win-win situation for you.

So, if you want to show your dedication to the nation, and regard the sacrifices of your ancestors for blessing you with this beautiful homeland, UAE flag day is the perfect opportunity for that.

On this special occasion, Arabian Tea House invites you to have a meal full of nutrition. With flag-laden surroundings and themed foods, your love for the Emirati flag will prosper.