Arabian Tea House's
Breakfast Trays

Emirati Kid's Breakfast

Emirati Kids Breakfast Tray

 55 AED

Colorful tray of scrambled eggs as a main dish served with balaleet, yogurt, bread, and the freshly squeezed orange juice.

Chebab Bread Kids Tray

 55 AED

Emirati chebab bread tray for children, of delicious chebab bread with cheese and date syrup as the main dish, served with balaleet, yogurt, and fresh orange juice

Fruits Plate

 30 AED

AED Fun Platter Of Fresh Fruits Banana Orange and Kiwi

Emirati Breakfast Trays

Special Emirati Breakfast Tray

 80 AED

Balaleet (vermicelli cooked with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron topped with omelette), dates molasses, cheddar cheese, melted cheese, baked beans, watermelon jam, dango, bajella that comes with traditional bread(khameer, chebab and tanoor).

Mr. Ali’s Favorite Breakfast

 53 AED

Scrambled eggs stewed with tomato served with cheddar cheese, baked beans, yogurt, watermelon jam and tanoor bread (wagafi).

Liver Breakfast Tray( Middle – Eastern Favourite )

 66 AED

Fresh beef liver fried with onions, potato, tomato, season with spices and lemon juice served with arabic salad,hummus served with tanoor bread.

Arabic Breakfast Trays

Arabic Breakfast Tray

 72 AED

A breakfast tray of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mixed olives, rose jam, zaatar with olive oil, labneh, halloumi cheese and fresh cream and honey.

Egyptian Breakfast Tray

 72 AED

A tray that includes foul beans, falafel, boiled egg, musaqaa, fried potatoes, hummus, white cheese with tomato,black molasses with tahini and served with fresh tanoor bread.

Emirati Light Breakfast

Khameer Halloumi Zaatar (Emilevant)

 48 AED

Homemade bread inspired by the combination of Emirati and Levant cuisine stuffed with halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, sliced black olives sprinkled with fresh zaatar

Balaleet with Omelet

 30 AED

Vermicelli pasta cooked in a special Emirati way seasoned with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron topped with omelette.

Chebab Bread

 30 AED

Emirati bread that comes with;
*Kraft cheese and honey/dates molasses

Tanoor Cheese

 36 AED

Tanoor bread filled with mixed of cheese freshly baked in our traditional oven served with fresh vegetables and olives.

Raqaq Bread

 32 AED

Choices of:

1. Emirati bread filled with egg & cheese served with kraft cheese and honey

2. Emirati bread filled cheese & honey served with kraft cheese and honey.

3. Emirati bread filled with fish sauce (mashawa).

Khameer Bread

 31 AED

Traditionally baked khameer bread served with cheese and date syrup. (3 pieces)

Emirati Chami Cheese

 35 AED

Traditional Emirati cheese drizzled with ghee and served with dates.

Egg Tomato Plate

 39 AED

Scrambled eggs stewed with fresh tomato served with tanoor bread.

Arabic Light Breakfast

Hummus with Foul

 30 AED

Creamy, thick dip made of mashed chickpeas and freshly cooked fava beans mixed with fresh lemon juice, minced garlic and olive oil served with fresh tandoori bread.

Musabaha Duqaa

 30 AED

Thick dip of chickpeas beans mixed with tahina, lemon, capsicum and our special spices served with fresh tanoor bread.

Grilled Halloumi

 38 AED

Grilled halloumi cheese served with tomatoes, mixed olives, fresh vegetables and tanoor bread.

Vegetable Omelette

 39 AED

Omelette with tomato and cheese served with fresh vegetables and tanoori bread.

Plain Omelette

 24 AED

Omelette served with fresh vegetables and tanoori bread.

Arabian Tea House Special Soup

 30 AED

Special soup freshly made daily.