6 Barbeque Dishes You Must Try At Arabian Tea House

Barbeque represents the ancient cooking method of grilling meat over direct fire. Over the years, conventional pit barbeque evolved to introduce Indian tandoors, Arabic grills, and other methods of BBQ preparation.

Barbeque makes a protein-rich, meaty food that is smoky on the outside, yet tender on the inside. The meat, when cooked over fiery flames of fire, gets charred nicely, giving off a rich charcoal flavor in each bite. It’s perfect for an extravagant dinner night or a breezy brunch menu. Super easy to prepare and eat!

What Makes Arabic Barbeque So Good?

Arabs pride themselves on their flavorful barbeque dishes. The tradition of serving barbeque at family and friend gatherings has been going on in this region for years. People love to get together, socialize and enjoy nicely cooked barbeque meals. The factor that differentiates Arabic barbeque from other types of barbeques is the addition of relishing seasonings and spices into the marinade. The marination process makes the meat tender, infusing every flavor in it sufficiently.

The main element of a traditional Arabic BBQ is chicken or lamb meat, served in skewers (shish taouk). The meat is either plain or ground (called bbq kebabs). The marinade is prepared with simple spices, herbs, and seasonings to sufficiently tenderize the meat. The grilling process involves charring the meat over the grill until it turns slightly dark. A long cooking process is not required as the meat is already tender due to proper marination.

Arabian Tea House Barbeque Recipes That Are Worth Trying

Today, Arabian Tea House has taken it upon itself to introduce the best barbeque options on its menu. We have incorporated the best barbeque recipes in our menu to bring some flavor contentment to our customers.

Try these scrumptious barbeque dishes from our restaurant to satisfy your smoky cravings.

1.    Emirati Kabab Laham:

Ground meat bbq (Kebab bbq) is perfect for those who like a softer, more tender bite. The dish is prepared by grounding lamb/beef meat in equal portions. The meat is then seasoned with quality Arabic spices to infuse some tang and flavor density into it.

Emirati Kabab Laham (Lamb Barbeque)

Once the marinade is prepared, the minced bbq meat is placed in the refrigerator until appropriately marinated. The ground meat is converted on skewers and grilled on a charcoal flame. The light charr on the surface delivers excellent taste.

2.    Tikka Chicken BBQ:

Tikka chicken is a traditional style of barbeque that is made with nicely cut pieces taken from chicken breast. These bite-sized BBQ chicken pieces are served with white rice or french fries.

A perfect combination of spices is maintained in the barbeque chicken marinade of this recipe. The chicken chunks are grilled enough to achieve a light burn on the outside, yet a tender cook on the inside.

3.    Minced Chicken Barbeque (Emirati Kabab Chicken)

Chicken barbeque kebab is a special bbq dish crafted by our chefs for those who love all things chicken. The traditional style of marination gives this dish a unique and rich taste. The use of fresh meat enables a perfect bite, bursting with flavourful spices and a pleasant charcoal aroma.

Emirati Kabab Deyay (Chicken Barbeque)

The meat is served in skewers, in serving size enough for one or two persons. One bite of this dish is sure to take you on a flavourful ride. Enjoy your food with a side of rice or french fries to fulfill your appetite sufficiently.

4.    Whole Chicken Marinated In Traditional Barbeque Spice (Emirati Chicken Barbeque)

This type of chicken bbq is served in meat cuts that are a bit larger than tikka chicken. They are perfect to eat with some yogurt chutney and tanoor bread. You can order them separately on the side or stick to our best bbq side dishes, i.e., rice and french fries available on the menu.

Emirati Chicken Barbeque (Grilled Chicken)

The meat of our Emirati Chicken Barbeque is cooked thoroughly to ensure that it is juicy and tender. The succulent flavor of spices works really well to enhance and even peak the overall taste of the dish.

5.    Mixed Barbeuqe:

Mixed barbeque is a special serving size designed for families. It comes in two variations, one in which you can choose the type of skewers, and the other in a large serving, with multiple bbq flavors infused in one platter.

Mixed Barbeque

You can choose between chicken kabab, meat kabab, tikka chicken or meat to go in your mixed barbeque. The second type includes one kilogram of meat containing different beef and chicken options.

6.    Lamb Chunks Barbeque:

Lamb barbeque is served in bite-sized pieces, infusing the traditional taste of Arabic spices. If you want to taste the fatty, well-balanced flavor of goat meat, lamb tikka is for you.

Emirati Tikka Laham

The dish is crafted by our expert chefs, specifically for those who like the dense flavor of meat over chicken. Ask your server to bring rice or french fries to devour with your meal on the side.

Stimulate Your Taste Buds With Our Tantalizing Barbeque Options:

Emirati-style barbeque is popular around the world for its rich and smoky flavor. The best thing about Arabic barbeque is that the meat is not hard or rubbery, Instead, it is tender and juicy. The perfect blend of spices and flavors makes Emirati bbq worth trying.

Our chefs have crafted our barbeque menu with much consideration and dedication to bring you the best quality and taste. View the available options on our menu, and try your favorite style of barbecue to satiate your meat cravings.